Laughing Fox Farm

Whitefish, Montana

fox tail

2 Bedroom & 2 Bath

Fox Den

4 Bedrooms & 6 Baths

Aqua Fox

2 Bedroom / 2 Bath

Fox Trot

1300 sq. ft Loft

Who we are

Laughing Fox Farm sits on 60 acres just outside our bustling little town of Whitefish. The Alpenglow in the evening, the mountain views and the sprawling pastures for the horses couldn’t be any more magical. You will likely see wild turkeys, deer, fox, bald eagles and owls. When you want to get back into the action your home away from home is only minutes to downtown Whitefish.

How did Laughing Fox Farm get its name? We have an abundance of wildlife on our property. Including a rather young, beautiful and curious red fox. So curious in fact that a couple years ago when our two dogs were about 3 they ended up becoming fast friends with this happy fox. They would come in from their outdoor jaunt smelling a bit musky. Like your grand- father’s cologne.

Then one day the handsome red fox came to our house to the living room window and was calling the dogs to come and play. What does the fox say? If you have never heard a fox it is very unique and incredibly special. This fox still calls this property home and the dogs and I still smell his musky cologne once and awhile.

This place we call home is absolutely beautiful and we want to share it with you. My husband and I travel extensively and usually opt to stay in a vacation rental property. We know what works and what doesn’t. Vacations are made to remember and we want to be part of your amazing plans! Stay a few days or stay for a few weeks, we can’t wait to meet you!